LEMURIA & ATLANTIS – wars & cataclysms



(4,500,000 to 200,000 B.C.)

Size And Location of Lemuria

As stated before, from the very beginning there were always several continents in existence upon the Earth’s surface. So when we talk about a “Lemurian Age,” this does not mean that the continent of Lemuria (sometimes called Mu), existed by itself. The reason we connect a particular age to a specific continent is, that during that particular time, its inhabitants were leaders in terms of knowledge and application of Cosmic Law and scientific achievements; hence the names “Lemurian Age” and “Atlantean Age.”

Lands belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included lands now under the Pacific Ocean, as well as Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand. One dictation includes lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The eastern coast of Mu extended to the area of San Diego, California.

Since it was explained by the Masters (see chapter on the “Fall of Man”) that the fall of man occurred on Australia and New Zealand, this shows that these areas were above water at the very beginning, when mankind first arrived on Earth.

It was stated that the Fiji Islands have been above water for at least 1.4 million years, and that Madagascar and the Baja Peninsula in Mexico have been above water for one million years.

We must conclude that the Rocky Mountains (Wyoming), Tibet, China, and Atlantis were above water 200,000 years ago, since part of the treasures of Lemuria were transferred to these locations by disciples of the Ascended Masters prior to Lemuria’s sinking, which apparently happened 200,000 years ago. (See Section “The Sinking of Lemuria”).


Highlights of the Lemurian Age

The information given by the Masters on this subject consists, for the most part, of details concerning the size, location and sinking of Lemuria. Very little was given about high points of civilization and life on Lemuria.

From the sparse data that is available, it seems that after the “fall of man,” the Lemurian civilization was characterized with the same up and down cycles that have been typical of recent races.

“Certain high points of this civilization occurred 800,000, 400,000, 280,000 and 200,000 years ago.” When we are talking about high points, we refer to a time period in which people were willing to listen to the still, small voice within, and had a working knowledge of Cosmic Law. “The civilization of 200,000 years ago, as well as later civilizations on Atlantis, and on the Amazon River, had the knowledge and use of the Sacred Fire to the point that the flame was visible.”

One might ask, how can it be that the Mu Civilization of 200,000 years ago, reached a high cultural and religious level, and then a short time later most of the continent sank? Cosmic Law requires individuals to give, at all times, a constructive response, a balance, for life and energy received. When a civilization is fortunate enough to reach a high point of accomplishment, this then is accompanied by greater assistance from above, and this greater assistance must be earned continuously, and must be balanced by a larger constructive effort. If this response is not forthcoming, the assistance from higher realms must diminish. Therefore, the higher the state of civilization a people reaches, the greater the potential for a sudden downfall.

The example of the sinking of Poseidonis, a remnant of Atlantis, may also be helpful in answering that question. The Masters stated that it was mainly during the last 500 years before the catastrophe that mankind was degraded to a very low level. This caused the ensuing chaos. Until that point, Poseidonis had achieved and maintained a level of leadership in many areas. Therefore, it is entirely possible that a similar situation existed on Mu.

“As a result of wars, great devastation took place on Mu and on Atlantis, but not on North America. Details were not provided. As a matter of fact, all of the dictations hardly ever mention any war. Apparently the Masters figured that nothing could be gained from such knowledge. Wars create destructive etheric records, and mankind should rather tune into constructive endeavors, which have a tendency to uplift.



One hundred years before the sinking of the continent, the priesthood and the remaining inhabitants of Mu were warned of the potential cataclysm. The masses were advised to change their ways.

Initially there was great alarm, but when nothing immediately happened, the people and some of the priests did not heed the warning. Nearly all slipped into lethargy. The remaining priests made spiritual application through invocations for 100 years to prevent the prophesied sinking of Mu. Then they resigned themselves to the coming event. The Masters pointed out that a united priesthood could have prevented the sinking of Mu.

Just before the cataclysm, some of the temple guards transferred documents, the various flames of the temples, and other valuables to certain places that would withstand the force of the inferno. Those places were India, China, Tibet, the Rocky Mountains, and Atlantis. Djwal Kul, who later became one of the three wise men of Biblical times, participated in the safe-keeping effort by transporting certain items to Central Asia. Lord Lanto, who was then a head priest at one of the temples on Lemuria, where precipitation was successfully practiced, transported the temple flame to the Royal Teton Retreat, where it remains to this day.

In this way the memories and the heritage of Lemuria were kept alive by a faithful few.


The Sinking of Lemuria

Elohim Orion stated in 1954 that temples, cities, and entire civilizations have fallen into decay, and continents have sunk, all because peace and harmony were not sustained. Ascended Master Mary stated that spiritual arrogance destroyed the temples of Lemuria and Atlantis. She admonished the students to “keep humble in your knowledge.” In another dictation it was stated, “Cataclysms come only through the destructive influence of the human, and when that is removed, there will no longer be a cause for them!”

Man’s misqualified energies cause linear gas belts, which are pressure chambers located beneath the earth’s surface. They are the cause of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

James C. Churchward’s book, The Second Book of the Cosmic Forces on Mu, explains gas belts and gives their locations.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain, in a dictation given in 1936 on the Hawaiian Islands, answered Mr. Ballard’s great desire for some authentic information as to the origin of the islands. He explained that before the sinking of Mu there was a long mountain range traversing the larger part of the continent in an almost west‑east direction. The western limit of the range was located a bit more to the north than the eastern extremity of the range. There was another mountain chain running in a north‑south direction. These two ranges were the highest ones on the continent.

Continuing Saint Germain’s account, “200,000 years ago, at the time of the great cataclysm, these mountain ranges were raised to their greatest height, namely, to a range of 18,000 to 20,000 ft. above water. The range going almost east and west was on a powerful double gas belt. This was largely responsible for Lemuria’s sinking. After it sank, the mountains remained 10,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level.” From the preceding it appears that the Mu catastrophe happened 200,000 years ago.

James C. Churchward explains the action of a pressure chamber on a mountain. The internal pressure of the underground pocket forces the top of a mountain higher and higher, to a point where the walls of the mountain get too thin to counteract the expansion pressure, and the whole mountain explodes. Its remainder then collapses within itself.



(Excerpts from Bridge to Freedom publications)


During the Atlantean Age, civilizations reached great heights, but there were many low points as well. Numerous wars took place on both sides of North America, namely on Lemuria and on Atlantis. In Europe, which at that time was part of Atlantis, mankind was determined to destroy one another.

Saint Germain stated that the human ungoverned is more vicious than the jungle! Three times a most poisonous, destructive, gas‑substance was used. It wiped out entire populations of cities, leaving only the buildings intact. The physical bodies of the people were destroyed in a few minutes.

The Ascended Masters provided us with the description of only one war, namely the war near today’s Cuba. Descriptions of wars tend to focus our attention upon destructive etheric records. Energy follows thought, and the imperfect use of energy does not help our freedom. The Masters gave us a detailed description of the war near Cuba because it illustrates the ever ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil – white and black magic. In addition, the details explain the cause of the future sinking of a portion of the Atlantean Continent.

Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness

Before discussing the great battle between the forces of light and darkness that took place on Atlantis, it would seem of advantage to deal with some general basic concepts of Cosmic Law, as they apply to dark forces. The following illustration may help.

To understand those forces, let us begin by examining a typical chela (dedicated student) on the path. Under the action of the Law, as it applied prior to 1930, the chela was admitted to a retreat after reaching a certain state of purification and enlightenment. Here he was placed under the general supervision of a Master.

Often, especially in the beginning, the chela was left to his own heart’s prompting, as to how to proceed. As the months and years went by, he was taught a point of Law here and there. He was asked to pass many tests and many initiations.

Frustrated by the severity of the tests, the slow process of receiving additional instruction, having little contact with the Master in the beginning, and discouraged by the austere surroundings, many chelas left the retreat, some never to return. Some of the chelas who left, harbored feelings of rebellion, discouragement, and resentment. A few of them degraded to the point where they became prey for “black magicians,” also called “members of the black order.” The black order gained the confidence of such students by carefully and skillfully duplicating the activity of the “White Order,” offering them less difficult and faster progress, and appealing to their ego by such means as offering a certificate of accomplishment or a degree. They also came up with a counterpart to the “Elixir of Life.” An elixir is a drink prepared by a Master to refresh and rejuvenate the student in mind and body. The black order countered this by coming up with alcoholic drinks.

Once he became a follower, the student, through fear, was held loyal to the teachings of the black magicians, whose intent was, and is to destroy the Light wherever they can find it. This type of action has been going on for 680,000 years, and at times there were regular schools of black magic.

What can the student’s former Master do? Very little, if anything. He knows that free will is an attribute given to man by God; therefore, the Master cannot interfere. To make things worse, the Master now has to transmute some of the karma of the student’s fall; that is, the teacher is made personally responsible for the God-energy spent on the student and the student’s transgressions. It is no wonder that personal instruction by a Master is never imparted lightly. It has to be earned by the chela.

What kind of power does a black magician have over a student of Ascended Master Teaching? None, provided the student protects himself on a daily basis, and keeps his harmony. Then he has nothing to fear. Saint Germain said to Mr. Ballard, “You will be protected, If you keep your harmony.”

With this explanation behind us, we are now ready to proceed with the subject at hand.


The Battle Near Cuba

“The battle plan of the black magicians was to draw fearful, skeptical, disappointed, and rebellious individuals to them,” and to attack the central bulwark of the opponent, namely the “White Order,” located at Archangel Zadkiel’s “Temple of Purification by Violet Fire.” This temple was situated near today’s Cuba, on Atlantis. Thus started one of the greatest battles between the forces of light and darkness the Earth has ever known.

In time, the battle plan of the black magicians succeeded. Gradually and secretly, most of the priests of the “White Order” aligned themselves with the “black order.” Through fear, the followers of the “black order” were held loyal to its teachings. Few remained sincerely affiliated with the “White Order,” and because of lack of support by a sufficient amount of followers, Archangel Zadkiel had to withdraw from having outer contact with the priests of the temple. As a consequence of insufficient invocation (decreeing) by the priesthood, the Violet Flame no longer was visible.

The disloyalty by the priesthood, together with the malpractice of some priests in aligning themselves with the dark forces, made possible the sinking of a great continent. Its spiritual anchorage having been destroyed, the “Temple of Purification by Violet Fire” sank beneath the Atlantic with a major portion of the Atlantean Continent. Before its sinking, the temple was etherealized. It is still pulsating in the ethers near the island of Cuba today.

The “black order” could not, however, erase the memory of the Violet Fire of mercy and compassion from the etheric consciousness of those who served in the temples. One such priest who kept this consciousness is the Ascended Master Saint Germain, now Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray. He, as well as others, remembered the glory of Archangel Zadkiel’s temple, and the tremendous service it had rendered to the people of Atlantis. The Law of Life does not allow any force of evil to destroy the memory of the glory of a former Golden Age. Another priest who served in the “Temple of Purification by Violet Fire” was Mr. F. Pita. Much later, in 1952, Mr. Pita printed the first publications of the “Bridge to Freedom,” operating from the island of Cuba.

The Breakup of the Atlantean Continent

When the forces of darkness had sufficiently influenced the consciousness of a large majority of the people on Atlantis in disobeying God and following the rebellious way of the destructive use of free will, and when there was insufficient constructive use of energy by the priesthood, the Cosmic Law decreed that Atlantis no longer justified its right to exist.

The first cataclysm during the time period under consideration (500,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.) occurred 200,000 years ago, and has already been reported under the section, “The Lemurian Age.” Since this cataclysm tore apart a large portion of the Earth’s surface, it is possible that portions of Atlantis sank also at that time.

The second major cataclysm of this time period took place 80,000 years ago. It must have been a worldwide catastrophe of devastating impact, because the Masters stated that the cataclysm of 80,000 years ago changed the colors of the Earth, and for the first time the colors red and black became known to mankind. The Masters explained in another dictation that these colors have a tendency to lower the vibrations of the individual by appealing to the lower senses.

During this cataclysm the Golden Gate and San Francisco Harbor came into existence (The Golden Gate is a narrow waterway between the San Francisco Peninsula and the mainland to the north. The waterway is now bridged by the Golden Gate Bridge). There were no subsequent changes to the earth’s surface in the San Francisco area. The seven hills of San Francisco have existed for over 80,000 years. At that time the city was known as the City of the Seven Hills.

The area now known as the state of Texas was raised during this cataclysm. It was below the surface of the water prior to this event.

During several cataclysms the tearing apart of the Earth’s surface was re‑experienced, and piece by piece, various portions of the giant continent of Atlantis submerged beneath the ocean. This process took place over a time period of thousands of years. Finally, only the island of Poseidonis, a central and small remnant of the original continent, remained. As part of cataclysmic action, lands west and east of Poseidonis had sunk beneath the ocean. The lands that submerged included portions located in the vicinity of today’s Cuba.

Poseidonis, when still part of the larger continent, had been the heart‑center of the then‑known civilized world. The Masters protected this part of Atlantis in order to continue important activities on Poseidonis, and to use it as a central focus in completing certain unfinished work.

The final Atlantean cataclysm took place about 10,000 B.C.. At that time Poseidonis, the last remaining fragment of Atlantis, was submerged. This event will be further described under the sections, “The Meru Civilization,” and “The Poseidonis Civilization.”












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