Excerpt from ‘Ascended Master Love and Truth Vol.1”


“Beloved Ones, for Responding so graciously, for Becoming Myself In Action so quickly, !Am eternally grateful to you. The Association between unascended beings and the Ascended Masters is not fully understood even by the most earnest chela. Mankind that start out upon the Spiritual Path, become mentally intrigued when they hear of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Then, there comes a period of tremendous zeal in an endeavor to make contact with Some of this Superhuman Mankind. Much disillusionment ensues, many blind alleys are followed and many of Mankind are only disillusioned at the end of a Lifetime.

But once there stirs within the Soul and Spirit a desire to Know the Work of the Ascended Host, that instant the individual comes under My Supervision, and is placed on Probation and put under the Care and Guidance of some Angel Deva or Spiritual Being, Who can Assist the lifestream and Who has the capacity to give that Assistance, until that one has developed where he needs and requires a Greater Teacher. We are naturally eager and desirous of securing individuals who have an Interest in Us. And We are more desirous of making a Conscious Contact between the outer mind of those individuals and Ourselves. Because such an Association is Mature, and in its Maturity it enables the chela to intelligently Cooperate in Assisting Us to Fulfill the Divine Plan.

The chela, spends centuries and sometimes a hundred embodiments, before the chela comes to a point where he may have an individual word from the Ascended Host! Sometimes a thousand embodiments are involved!

And the First Conscious Association , the First Word, the First Visitation, the First Parting of the Veil fills the chela with Enthusiasm, Zeal and a tremendous Acceleration of Spiritual Desire. But very often the proximity of the Master, the naturalness of the association, the comradeship, soon becomes so natural that the chela loses the Importance of the Partnership, and is inclined to take for granted the Investment of the Energies of a Divine Being; inclined to again slip into lethargy, wherein the Acceptance of such an Association does not draw forth the Light, which the Original Contact was Designed to Manifest.

Again and again have I Seen this happen through the ages. That is why I have become extremely reticent in allowing any Dispensation or Grant by which the Chohans and Masters that Work under Me may Consciously Contact unascended beings.

Because They are bound to Invest, as a rule, more Energy than They will get in Return through the Application of the chela; and the Disappointment to the Master, as well as the necessity of His Making up for such an Investment in ADDED CONCENTRATED SERVICE is such that Wisdom has caused Me to forbear often from allowing Some Dear and Blessed Divine Being to reach a chela, even of Great Merit.

I Speak of this tonight, because in the Designing of The Bulletin (The Bridge To Freedom) it was My Specific Idea to create a Tie that Binds My Heart, My Consciousness and My Presence with every individual who has found My Words, My Light and My Energy worthwhile. Then I Hoped on the Return Current to Receive the Energy of that individual to further strengthen that Bond. Building for a day that is coming when Mankind, the Angelic Kingdom and Elemental Kingdom will require Comfort more than I Care to describe to you in words.

Beloved Ones, you who are here, My Association with you is that you become a Funnel, a Great Battery, which I may use as Myself. And that you may stand as a rock Unmoved, Centered and Poised in your own GOD-FLAME, allowing My Energies to flow through you and blanket an entire populace, a city, a nation, a Planet if necessary in that Steadying Poise which is required through world changes.

Have you yet been able to Comfort the Elements within   a windstorm, within a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake, a cyclone? It can be done! Any individual who has been Connected with Me for twelve months, standing in the Serenity of his own GOD-FLAME, turning his Attention toward My Heart can become a Living Pillar to stop a storm on an instant! How? By bringing Comfort to the turbulent Elements that have been stirred into distress by the pressure of Mankind. Practice and practice makes perfect! In your association with Mankind in the course of every living day you will find Energy that requires Comfort. Practice, in the Poise and the Center of your Being, turning to My Flame and letting It flow into the disturbed or turbulent Energy. And rather than allowing condemnation to enter your own world, let that surging Sea of Comfort change that Energy and BRING PEACE.

Long, long ago I Wrote the simple Psalms through David, and again tonight I Bring them to your remembrance. For you shall require all the Power and Peace that is within those Truths if you are to be MYSELF IN ACTION. When the storm clouds hover low, when the seas of emotions surge, lift up your eyes to the hills, to the Heights, to My Heart from whence shall come that help connecting with your Energies and surging forth holding Mastery and Balance by Light. There must come a day when you are Master of Energy, at least for nine feet around your own bodies. When the auras of the uncontrolled pass through the periphery of your Sphere of Influence, it should have no more effect upon you than the Mankind of Earth have upon any One of Us. Living in the Heart of the Flame, blazing the Light of your “PRESENCE,” Poised, Balanced and Comfortable in the “PRESENCE OF GOD!” How could there be fear, how could there be doubt, how could there be uncertainty, when you LIVE IN THE “EVER-PRESENCE?”


I Come tonight at the specific request of the Beloved Lord Sanat Kumara, to bring a realization that IAm One Being even like you drawing Primal Life from the Universal. And yet, under the Control and Direction of My Self-Conscious Life is all the Energy that is used by the Planet and all the Nature Kingdom. What I can do you can do! For I have Accepted you as My Chelas. Do you know what it is for a Cosmic Being to accept an imperfect lifestream as a chela? No! For many hundreds of years the Spiritual Law allowed Certain Ascended Masters to Accept certain advanced unascended beings. But the Cosmic Masters remained wrapped in the Cloud of Silence. You have become a part of My Body and My Life! You are a part of My Breath and My Heartbeat! You are therefore a part of My Mastery, My Poise and God-Control. I shall expect each one of you to remember this and in the Dignity, the Maturity and the Mastery, which My Representative should be to Mankind. IAm Decreeing for you that you be a Comforting Presence, not when the spirit moves you, but throughout all your remaining Earth-Life. And then all your Heaven-Life as well.

Tonight, as the Great Karmic Board continues in Session, some of the Members of the Celestial Hierarchy will choose to Address Them. Among Them My Humble Self. As you seem to enjoy participating in such Application, although We have not heard your Call to ‘Release Dispensations,’ We shall again turn Our Attention to the Karmic Board. For IAm Told you are learning well the Activity of Projecting your Vision.

To the Karmic Board Assembled: “Beloved Members of the Karmic Board, I the Representative of the Holy Spirit to the Planet Earth, Address My Plea, which is a repetition of that Call and Invocation which I have given forth for some time. IAm Privileged and Honored by Life to breathe into the body of the newborn infant the first breath. Giving the child opportunity for embodiment in this Sphere if the Soul chooses to Accept that breath. Many times as I have breathed that breath, the Soul has rejected it and at the last moment refused, for one reason or another, to come into the world of form. The great number of stillborn are witness to this fact. I Speak however, for those who have Accepted My Breath, or rather the BREATH OF GOD THROUGH ME.”



Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “Lady Master Pearl – My Teacher.”


“The Masters guide and direct without people even knowing most of the time, allowing the guidance to be perceived as intuition or even desire. You only become a Master by learning to tune into your own Higher Self, the I AM THAT I AM, not by getting information from someone else. How do you think these beings became Masters?” she asked, “By becoming conscious of their Higher Selves, the same process by which you too, will become a Master. There is no other way, and it is not the work of a day.”


Pearl speaking to Peter Mt Shasta:


“Even though you heard no words of direction, you have been given guidance, encouragement, and nourishment, which the Master has imparted to your Higher Mental Body, and as the occasion calls it forth, you will be able to access this information. For me to channel a message would only weaken you by causing you to look outside yourself. The Masters want you to go within for your answers, and in that way you will become a Master, rather than a perpetual follower of the Masters.

“On rare occasions the Masters have given spiritual discourses through highly developed individuals who have been well-prepared over many years, such as my mentor, Godfre Ray King. However, at those times, the Masters were giving spiritual law and imparting a radiation that strengthened the self-awareness of the individuals present, not prophecies that fill people with fear, or that keep them coming back for ever more information and high sounding initiations that make them feel superior.

“All contact with a true Master takes a person closer to the Source within, leaving one feeling empowered. Only false prophets try to turn attention to themselves, or barrage their followers with a never-ending stream of information and prophesies, which for the most part are rubbish.

“As for charging money to hear a Master speak,” Pearl went on, “No one who has ever been so blessed as to stand in the presence of a Master would ever consider charging someone money for that same privilege, assuming the privilege was even his or hers to dispense. When people are excluded from a Master for financial reasons, you know there is no Master, at least not a spiritual Master. I am not talking about charging to cover expenses, or requesting donations.

“Many sincere people think they are hearing the Masters, but most are merely hearing their own minds, or they are contacting disembodied spirits masquerading as Masters, that drift about sucking the energy of their followers. Even though the information these channelers give may sometimes be accurate or inspiring, it may also be untrue—and give rise to fear, false expectations, and harmful actions. These earthbound entities know they will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, so they often lace misleading information with accurate observations and flattering comments that appeal to the ego, telling you how great you have been in past lives, or how great you will be in the future.

“The highest form of guidance manifests as spontaneous action, free from thought. It flows intuitively from the center of your being, without any need for interpretation. You simply do what is right! You know what you need, when you need it, and you act in the moment from your Higher Self, with no intermediary.”

Pearl paused, and then continued her explanation of how the Masters work.

“The Masters guide and direct without people even knowing most of the time, allowing the guidance to be perceived as intuition or even desire. You only become a Master by learning to tune into your own Higher Self, the I AM THAT I AM, not by getting information from someone else. How do you think these beings became Masters?” she asked, “By becoming conscious of their Higher Selves, the same process by which you too, will become a Master. There is no other way, and it is not the work of a day.

“People read a book, attend a seminar, or have a channeling, and they think they are Masters and want to give workshops. It takes time and effort to overcome the lower nature, and strict obedience to the Higher Self and the Masters. Saint Germain said one day, ‘If any individual will give total obedience, I can help even a shoe shine boy in the train station clear his karma and achieve liberation in three years.’”

I straightened up at this news, which I took as an offer from Saint Germain. Pearl glanced over with a knowing smile, “But let me caution you. Once you embark on this path, you will be severely tested—of that you may be sure. You must walk the razor’s edge. Woe to the student who, having embarked on this path, turns back, for there is no turning back.”

Pearl finished, and I sat still in my chair, feeling the great power in the silence. Now, I knew why I had been brought here. My whole life had led to this moment. Saint Germain had made an offer, to open the door to the Great Work of self-mastery. It is a paradoxical path, for to become a Master you do not dwell on the Masters, but on your own Eternal Self. The Masters assist in the process, but the real work is within.

The words she spoke resonated so deeply with me that I vowed to make whatever sacrifice was necessary, to discipline myself in whatever way was needed—little dreaming how difficult this would often be.

I requested Saint Germain, whose presence still filled the room, to take me as his apprentice—and I knew that he heard my vow. I did not realize, though, how soon the lessons would begin, and how severe the tests were to be over the next several years. At that moment, sitting in Pearl’s living room, I felt only elation that after so many years of searching, I had at last found the being who would lead me on that sacred quest.

It had become dark outside. Our meeting had lasted hours. Now feeling that our time was at an end, I asked the question that had been on my mind since she opened the door. “Pearl, when I came in, why did you say that you had been waiting for me?”

Her answer was an astonishing one. “Many years ago I was taken on New Year’s Eve to the retreat in the Royal Teton. Saint Germain introduced you to me and said that in the future he would bring us together—that I was to prepare you for your work with him.

“That night I committed a great blunder for which I was severely reprimanded,” she continued, “Now, after almost thirty years, I have finally been forgiven. I was visited last night by the one toward whom I was disobedient, and she told me that your arrival was imminent.”

“And who was that?” I asked.

“Lady Master Leto.”


Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “Lady Master Pearl – My Teacher.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewBook?id=1802550857CB0B5674A9E7478508511A



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