by Beloved Ascended Master Lanto 

June 1954

Excerpt from Journal Book 2 – Bridge to Freedom


Honorable assembly!

I bring to you the greetings and the blessings of the Brotherhood in the heart of the Royal Teton.

I also bring to you the Flame of Love and Life, which is our heartbeat and which becomes for you, individually, your most humble and obedient servant. Use it freely. Command it as you will and let our life, mingling with yours, enable you to expand your individual consciousness until, beloved ladies and gracious gentlemen, you are restored again to your natural God-estate.

One of the gifts that comes with illumination is the use of the inner sight. When you are privileged to see the chalice of the heart within, which burns the Fire of Immortality (the spiritual garment of each individualization), then you, too, will love and reverence life, no matter in what form you may meet it In response to love, that life will rush forth, expanding and expanding its sphere of influence, until every vibratory action, which is the cause of the shadows existing within it, is transmuted.

Looking today upon the light within your hearts, I am eternally grateful for the privilege and honor of offering my humble service to you that you, in turn, may achieve the fullness of mastery, over your own energies, which flow to you so freely from the source which gave you being.

This conference has been dedicated to the development and maturity of your love and reverence for Life itself, and the Great Source from which has come your life, intelligence and self-conscious being.

The East has much to offer the Occidental mind and the West has much to offer the Oriental consciousness.

One of the gifts which is ours to offer is a natural reverence for life. We are hoping, through this instruction, that you will achieve a far greater depth of perception of the magnificent gifts that the self-conscious Ascended Master Intelligence and Beings represent in themselves.

In China and other parts of the Orient, even the most humble have a natural devotion to Life and its source. The people there would not even pluck a flower, severing the bloom from its stem. Individually, beloved ones, you have cut yourselves off (to a great degree) from self-conscious communion with that Source. You have done this through centuries of experimentation with the use of life and the pressing of this quiescent, primal substance into the forms of your ungoverned thoughts and feelings.

Those of us who are the servants of Life and are now dispensers of instruction, are dedicated to the task of bringing you back to a conscious connection with your own divinity.

This we do by opening the channels through which the direction, the gifts, the powers and the mastery, which are God-intended, may be released into your use. These gifts are given not only because it is the desire and will of the Universal First Cause, but because it is essential, if mankind is to be helped, that some among them become again the Masters of energy and vibration. They must become the master-control of primal energy, which should never leap forward uncontrolled. It should pass in dignity into the thought, the feeling, the action or the word that blesses and enriches life.

This is the training that is offered by the Royal Teton to the brothers and sisters who are gathered here, to the chelas who apply for instruction and to the aspirants who enter within our retreat. They are all given an opportunity to contemplate the magnificent resources that lie within life, itself. Accepting the gift of life, the earnest and sincere man or woman comes to a point where he or she determines, within himself, that the only honorable thing to do is to turn to the Giver of that Life, to the Source that sustains it, and ask, in humility, for what purpose that investment was bestowed upon him.

The great surrender of self, the removal from the consciousness of the idea that life belongs solely to man to do with as he pleases, is an indication in man or woman that they have arrived at the age of spiritual maturity.

When man arrives at the cosmic realization that the Source of all Life, the great Eternal Father-Mother God (which has projected and sustained his intelligence for aeons), must, of necessity, have some great purpose and design in mind, he will then commence to weave the energies of his own lifestream into fulfilling a portion of that God-design. At that time, his own heart tells him he is presently able to assist in developing such a design.

Each man, each woman, each child upon this planet and all who are yet to come here have, despite the creation of shadows, developed certain momentums, gifts and talents which can be offered on the altar to the Great White Brotherhood (this relates to the PURITY of the Brotherhood  – and has no reference to colour of skin) to further the God Plan and the evolution of our system. Wise is that man, that woman or that child, who offers his or her developed talents to God and the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, it is expedient that they endeavor to perfect the various instruments through which they work, in order that they may be one day of greater service.

These people, of whom I speak, are those who stood boldly forth before the Great Source of Life (or who are, I hope, about to do so) and have asked that the energies of their individual lives be consecrated to the work of returning the earth to the beauty, the purity and the perfection which it knew when man first came forth from the heart of God. Blessed are the lifestreams, beloved ones, who have dedicated their energies to the release of the beloved Sanat Kumara from his self-chosen exile of the ages and to the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon this Earth. In this new creation, angels, mankind and elementals walking hand in hand may fulfill their individual divine destinies in harmony and peace.

As the mighty activities within the heart of the Teton hold the attention of the Great White Brotherhood, we shall endeavor to project your consciousness into the heart of the mountain. In this way, you may enjoy the freedom of participating in the current activities and draw back into your own minds, bodies and worlds those vital energies which will give you great personal assistance in the development and maturity of your own life. This evening, the beloved Goddess of Justice Lady Portia, (Twin Ray of the beloved Saint Germain), will receive the crown as spokesman for the Karmic Board from the hands of the beloved Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, who previously held that office. This honor to the Goddess of Justice is bestowed as a complement to Saint Germain’s position as Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which Dispensation we are now entering.

It is our hope that we shall have time during the Conference to describe to you this beautiful ceremony (which is a very rare event). The last time it took place was when the Goddess of Liberty transferred the authority to the Goddess of Mercy. Previous to that time, the spokesman for that august body remained in office for many thousands of years From this you will see how rapidly evolution (both at inner and outer levels) is advancing, when such a tremendous acceleration is made possible in this one branch of Cosmic service alone.

In order that you may become acquainted with the technique, shall we call it, of projecting your consciousness freely and concentrating your physical energies in cooperation with the Ascended Masters, I have consulted with the beloved Lord Maitreya, the Maha Chohan and the Master Morya, with the result that we have decided to use “Reverence for Life” as the main theme of the conference. Our first endeavor in this direction will be to try to mingle your energies with mine in a pattern drawn through my consciousness and painted, as it were, in your minds and vitalized by your own feelings.

Following this plan, I shall proceed to give you a brief outline of the story of creation, which will also furnish you with a contemplation that you may review in your private hours. This word picture will show you the tremendous love, the thought and the service of Cosmic Beings, angels, devas and Masters of energy through the millions and millions of years which have brought you to this point upon life’s path and which represents the investment of such energies as the human mind could not conceive.

Think you, beloved children of light, first blooms in the garden of the great Golden Age of tomorrow, that such investment, such love, such care, such sacrifice, would have been made, were you not to fulfill a destiny beyond every power of your reason to imagine? Think you, that the Lord of the World, the beloved Sanat Kumara, would have remained in the atmosphere of this planet for millions and millions of years, were it not that every one of your precious heartbeats, every one of your souls, was worth that exile?

Think you that the great Archangel Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host, would remain in the astral and psychic realm twenty hours out of every twenty-four, cutting from the auras of disembodied mankind the constant creation of discordant thought, feeling and action, were not the souls of men so precious, that even freedom in the heart of the Sun could not dissuade Him from such constancy? Ah, beloved ones, the investment of love in your blessed selves! In your new found service, you often feel the ingratitude and indifference of mankind and sometimes you weary of well-doing. So often, as we stand in your atmosphere, do we sense that discouragement. Then will you please remember those of us who have spent millions of years in such service millions of years in loving and blessing and putting our faith and confidence in you? Realizing this you will enjoy giving a balance back to life by having the same confidence, patience and faith in your fellowman.

Beloved children, the conscious projection of consciousness is the training which the beloved Saint Germain has asked those of us who are interested in his cause to bring to you who are sufficiently spiritually developed. The successful accomplishment. of this requires several things:

FIRST: The concentration of your mind upon the picture we draw;

SECOND: The self-conscious raising of your feelings in order to vitalize that picture and make it your own;

THIRD: The absorption of the lesson which is given through music and, the spoken word;

FOURTH: The incorporation of your own physical energies, which magnetize the portion of the law given, through your etheric and flesh bodies.

I trust that my word-picture will be a pleasurable experience and that I shall not weary you. I shall endeavor to keep it as simple, as brief, and yet as beautiful as possible. When I have finished, if you can say within your heart “I am grateful for life,” then I shall feel that my service has been well done.

In the beginning, the beloved Helios and Vesta, God-Father and God-Mother of this system, decided to apply to the Source of all Creation for opportunity to create a system of planets and people them with individual consciousnesses. These Great Ones were then required by Cosmic Law to prove that they could sustain a radiation of energy sufficient to maintain life, motion and light upon a planetary system. They passed this initiation successfully and were then vested by the Great Central Sun with authority and power to create, a universe.

Here, if you please, we shall sing a song of praise to the Great Central Sun. Let us picturize in our minds the coronation of the beloved Helios and Vesta by the Deity, before the planetary system was begun.

(Audience rises and sings “Great Central Sun”)

We have now visualized the God-Father and God-Mother crowned with authority to create their universe.

Then we find them, like any loving parents, designing conversationally with thought and feeling, the size of their planets, their location and the number of lifestreams that would abide upon each one. Just as wise home-builders would plan to build a house, we find these great beings drawing the light pattern of their proposed universe into their world, through their thought and feeling centers.

When the design was completed to their satisfaction, a mighty, majestic Being was summoned, who became the great Cosmic Silent Watcher of this new universe. Into her consciousness was placed the design of all the planets that were to belong to the system. She absorbed the plan and accepted the responsibility of holding the immaculate concept for each planet until such time as Helios and Vesta would designate the Cosmic moment when that particular planet was to be externalized.

In due time came the hour when the planet Earth was to come into form. A great Being called the Planetary Silent Watcher was then summoned, who received into her keeping from the Cosmic Silent Watcher the plan for the new planet, accepting in turn the responsibility of holding the immaculate concept for the Earth until the divine plan was fulfilled to the last detail.

For a moment now, I will ask you to give your recognition and love to both of these great beings as you listen to the music of adoration to their flame. Will you try to realize that the accuracy, the patience and the fidelity of these Silent Watchers are responsible for the perfection of the pattern upon which the universe, as well as the individual planets, is built. If those Beings had, even for one instant, relinquished that immaculate concept, the universe would have been distorted in form and the planets might not even have coalesced.

At last, the cosmic moment for the birth of the planet Earth had arrived. The Silent Watcher (Beloved Immaculata) of the Earth stood in readiness and the seven Mighty Elohim, cosmic builders of form, were summoned. They answered the call and standing around the planetary Silent Watcher, studied intently the plan for the sweet Earth which was their joy, service and opportunity to bring into form. Their first activity in this direction was the projection of mighty light rays from their combined consciousnesses which formed the matrix of the new planet. When this was done, they summoned the lesser builders of form, the angel devas and the elemental spirits. These beings magnetized the electronic light substance, filling in and fashioning the planet according to the instructions given them by the Elohim. As builders return to the blueprint of the architect, so did the Elohim return again and again to the study of the light pattern held in the consciousness of the Silent Watcher.

The Elohim invoked the Directors of the great forces of nature. The majestic Virgo, the mighty Neptune and the beloved Aries, joyously answered the summons, grateful for the opportunity of contributing the gift of their respective elements to the comfort and well-being of the newly born earth and its future inhabitants.

After this came the invocation to the Spirit of Spring the beloved Amaryllis, to come and set up the rhythm of the Spring in blossom, flower and beauty of nature. This beautiful Goddess came in answer to the call, bringing with her legions of angelic and elemental helpers. Their combined energies clothed the sweet Earth in such beauty and gladness that she looked like a beautiful dryad, wearing a wreath of flowers upon her head, waiting to welcome the spirits who were to make her their home.

Now, as you sing your song of praise to the lovely Amaryllis, you will feel her essence flowing through the elementals into the once shining planet, now so despoiled, the planet which we ask you to restore.

(Audience stands and sings “Sweet Amaryllis”)

Nine hundred consecutive rhythms of Springtime came and went to make the Earth more and more beautiful! See the lakes and the great rivers, see the giant waterfalls and the crystal seas, see the mountains pointing their fingers toward God! Feel the immortal Threefold Flame of God pulsating from within the Earth’s center, that great Eternal Sun of even pressure! Think ye not then, that the mankind about to receive this planet as their dwelling place, was destined for some great purpose!

See the elementals weaving the smallest and daintiest of flowers, the great devas unfolding the leaves on the trees, see the great spirits of the air active and working in their own element, see all nature working together harmoniously to the rhythmic music of creation!

While all this activity is going on, while the great Elohim and the lesser builders of form, the angel devas and the members of the elemental kingdom are creating and beautifying the planet, Helios and Vesta (the God-Parents) are drawing from the great Central Sun the spirit sparks who are to be the beneficiaries of all this preparation and love. These will rest within the bosom of Vesta until the God-Parents are ready for the projection of the electronic bodies which will be the garments of these spirits.

See now the beloved Helios and Vesta, as they prepare (in cooperation with the seven Elohim) to fashion out of electronic light substance those beautiful shining bodies which you call the Electronic Presences! These were created in the form and design of the God Parents, the mighty light rays from within their twin hearts converging and forming individual foci of the immortal Threefold Flame of God which will be a magnet for the universal light substance. When this is accomplished, the spirit spark is transferred from the heart of Vesta into the flame within the heart of the shining body prepared for it. Thus each being becomes conscious of his own individual identity, and through the magic words “I AM”, finds himself a living, breathing intelligence vested with life, opportunity and free will, the pathway through the entire universe lying open before him, to make of it what he shall choose.

Beloved ones, I would like you to feel that creation as it took place. Feel the Holy Innocents born out of the bosom of the Eternal, primal life and self-conscious intelligence not yet misqualified, secure in itself, enjoying the happiness and warmth of the aura of God. They clustering like small children around the skirts of their mothers, seeking nothing beyond the privilege of joining in the praise and adoration of the angels.

Then came the day when those ego spirits were touched by the spirit of adventure. They saw all of the seven spheres stretched out before them, seven magnificent realms to which they might have access if they chose to explore it. Under the direction of the Manu they then start on their long journey through the seven inner spheres for the expansion of their consciousness .

See you now, beloved ones, these innocent spirits as they begin to slowly wend their way outward from the heart of God into the first realm of Light. Here they enjoy the beauty and perfection of the ideas that permeate its atmosphere. Some egos elect to remain in this sphere while the others pass on to the second realm where these ideas are molded into definite thought forms. Some spirits remain behind in this sphere also, while the others pass on into the third realm.

In the third realm they are made acquainted with the principles of universal brotherhood, which include the qualms of tolerance, forbearance and understanding. In this sphere they come to a realization that opportunity of service to life lies before them and as before, some decide to remain here, while others pass on to the next sphere.

In this fourth realm their attention is drawn to the exquisite perfection of its architecture, the beauty of its paintings, and its sculpture, and the artistic compositions of its music, prose and verse. Some spirits also remain here, the others passing on to the fifth realm, the sphere of consecration.

In this sphere, a few discover within themselves a vocation. Some remain here, while the others pass on into the sixth realm. Here they find that reverence, devotion and worship are the activities engaging the attention of the brotherhood in the temples. Some spirits remain in this sphere, the rest passing on to the seventh great realm which is devoted to ordered service and ceremonial worship. Here they hear the mighty Chohan in charge of this realm say, “Hitherto the Father worketh, but now the Father and you shall work.” The spirits who have passed through the seven spheres have drawn into their Causal Bodies the seven great bands of colors. These are the egos who have qualified for an initial embodiment on the planet Earth.

Many, many spirits never leave the bosom of the Eternal Father. Many remain in each one of the seven spheres. Only the stalwart, the bold and the strong pass through the entire seven spheres, and stand finally in that Seventh Sphere, saying triumphantly within themselves, “It is a joy and opportunity to serve!”

If you will join now in the singing of that lovely hymn, “Opportunity to Call,” you will again feel the radiation which you felt when you first determined within yourself to offer your services as you sojourned in the third realm where that opportunity first presented itself. How many among you still carry that enthusiasm? Yet, dear ones, opportunity to serve is magnificent!

(Audience sings “Opportunity to Call.”)

Now, beloved ones, your consciousnesses have looked back upon the Earth while she was yet in the process of preparation. You have looked upon the new and innocent egos as they passed through the seven spheres, as they journey, evolving the seven bands of color in their Causal Bodies. The sphere that had the greatest attraction for the individual ego and the one in which it chose to remain for the longest period of time became the strongest radiation in the lifestream as well as the one which produced the most predominant band of color in the Causal Body.

Thus it was that each ego became, through choice, a member of one of the seven rays. It was a purely voluntary dedication of its life—no one issued the edict, “You are a First Ray man” or “You are a Second or a Third Ray man.” Each ego chose according to the promptings of its own God Flame and this voluntary choice determined under which Ray it would eventually develop.

In the meantime, the Elohim had completed the creation of the planet by focusing upon it a beautiful Fire Lotus composed of their seven joint rays which, like a brilliant jewel adorning the hair of the beloved Virgo, was a signal to Helios and Vesta and the Cosmic Law that the Earth was now ready for habitation.

At the same instant, the Manu drew before him all the souls who had passed through the seven spheres and chose a number according to the momentums of energy represented by the bands of color in the Causal Bodies. He selected one out of three for incarnation, allowing the others to remain and wait for future opportunity. The egos in whose Causal Bodies the blue color predominated, proving they were members of the First Ray, were the first ones chosen for embodiment. Thus the first root race was established upon the planet Earth.

The call then went forth to the other stars and planets in our system for volunteer helpers who would act as guardian spirits to the Innocents who were to enjoy evolution upon the Earth. Guardian spirits are lifestreams of more mature consciousness, who have successfully passed through a similar process of spiritual evolution on other stars and planets and sometimes even in other systems. They came from Venus and. from the various suns of this galaxy, beautiful beings who joined the Manu, saying, “Yes, we will go with you because of certain momentums we possess which may assist this new race.

All was now in readiness. The call for the descent went forth from the beloved Helios and Vesta. The great Seventh Sphere opened and the descent of the innocents began in orderly procession.

The beloved Archangel Michael, wearing a resplendent crown upon his head and carrying the royal blue banner of his ray on which was emblazoned in letters of gold…..


…..led the magnificent cortege, accompanied by the legions of his court, who were to guard the newcomers. He was followed by the Lord Manu and the assisting beings who had assumed the responsibility of assisting in the spiritual development of the new ego spirits. Next came those, for whom all this loving preparation had been made, the Holy Innocents themselves, clad in their beautiful, shining etheric bodies.

When every foot in that vast assemblage had touched the Earth, all knelt around that great banner, and Lord Michael voiced the invocation to the one eternal god of Light that his will might ever be done on Earth as it was in the heavenly kingdom. He then made a solemn vow before all life, that he would never leave the atmosphere of Earth until every lifestream, not only in that first group, but all those who were to come in the future, had completed their mission and returned in dignity to their Father’s home. Every knee was bent, every head was bowed in gratitude and every heart was filled with praise, love and the desire TO BE.

If you will now give Lord Michael your joint adoration in song, you will again feel those currents, for many of you were among that first group.

(Audience rises and sings “To Lord Michael.”)

After the consecration of the Innocents, the group was divided into sections; some members going north, some south, some east and some west. Thus began the first Golden Age on this planet.

As they journeyed, the guardian spirits sang the song of the Flame Bearers to keep the ego spirits reminded of the immortal flame that each one carried in his breast, as well as the mission he had come to Earth to accomplish.

(Audience sings “The Flame Bearers” in remembrance.)

Thus, beloved ones, began a great pilgrimage which has continued to the present day. Thus walked out of the heart of heaven, sons and daughters of the Most High Living God, many of whom are now imprisoned in forms that are far, far less than the perfection they should express.

Think not, then, that all this priceless energy and life invested in you and others was for some great destiny? Then can you not be grateful to the God-Parents who created you the guardian spirits and the angelic host who have protected you the elementals that have sustained your body’s life, not to mention those members of the Great White Brotherhood who have remained voluntary exiles from the glories of Nirvana that you may find the pathway back home?

From the heart of the Royal Teton we are authorized to send forth the missionaries, the firebrands, the spiritual incendiaries to make the soul-light of mankind again blaze with the enthusiasm, the purity and the harmony which it had in the beginning. From among the student body, if we find a few so willing to dedicate themselves to this cause, our service shall not have been in vain. Thank you, beloved ones, for your extreme patience, for your beautiful concentration and for your divine love.

The day when you can, self-consciously and at will, blaze the Light through your flesh form and illumine the atmosphere around you, that day will you realize that all of the discipline and all of the many so-called unpleasant but necessary experiences of life have been worth it.

Until then, feel free to summon me as you choose and always remember that I AM the servant of your Light and I AM your friend.

I thank you.


June 1954


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