Previous to 1929 mankind was quite free to choose whether or not to go on in a somewhat indefinite manner, and most individuals did that. In 1929 that privilege ended and they must now choose between the human way and the Light. So at the end of this embodiment each one will have a choice accordingly.

Now the power of the Cosmic Light is acting in the feeling world of mankind. All stand at the Gateway of Freedom. Each one through free will and choice must choose whether he/she will enter in and go forward or go the human way. One not only must but is compelled to choose before the greater energy and power is released (to him/her).

The 2,000 year cycle of the Sixth Ray has closed and we have entered the 2,000 year cycle of the Seventh Ray which is the last 2,000 year cycle of the greater cycle of 14,000 years. Thus coming to the close of the minor and a major cycle. The Law has said this is the final cycle for wayward mankind to embody on earth. This is the reason so much more assistance has been allowed at this time by the Cosmic Law than ever before. Therefore, the Divine Beings have poured their pressure of Their Light and Flames desiring to get from those of mankind who were stirring in their soul-sleep, the assistance of those lifestreams also.

Already 20 years ago it was said that those individuals who do not desire to profit (in spiritual development) by the Ascended Masters’ Instruction would not be permitted to reembody on earth. This includes the so-called laggards to whom earth offered a planetary home so long ago, those of mankind of earth and those imprisoned angels, and particularly those who are dedicated by mouth but not by heart, to the cause of Light, and those who have not been able to accelerate their consciousness and the vibratory action of their four lower bodies. These lifestreams have been received in the Halls of Karma many times where they were re-assigned to a new opportunity to serve, and at the proper time again passed through the gates of birth. Now the cycle has closed. These individuals at the close of this embodiment shall never reembody on this planet. Yet they owe a karmic debt.

The planet earth must be cleared so the Seventh root race can come in. For this purpose has been arranged a separate place, focus or orb where they can accelerate themselves and take more time. This provision which has been made was referred to as a separate little star or planet by the name of Polaroid. Evidently it is not a regular planet. But it is of sufficient density (that does not mean there has to be discord), whereupon individuals who at this time cannot or who refuse to accelerate (the vibratory action of) their lower bodies, shall have to make their evolutionary progress on this special orb provided for them. This way giving them more time in which to meet the requirement of the Law of their being. Here they can express their free will (hopefully constructively only) and progress more slowly but not have access to the consciousness of the evolutions on earth, hence cannot influence those who desire to express their Divine Nature and go along with the acceleration of the planet earth.

This means of course, those individuals who do not come under the Dispensations by which they can now make the Ascension at inner levels, the Dispensation for those in military service and the one for the relatives of certain students. For the planet earth to go forward into the Light and into higher orbit, the inner realms have to be cleared of all lower vibratory action as well as the physical realm. Hence the schools, temples and abiding places now provided for those individuals after passing on, who do not desire to or cannot accelerate their vibratory action sufficiently cannot be maintained in these realms. These lifestreams are different from those who first come forth to take embodiment on a planet. Because those on earth already have experienced that and have a certain amount of development the results of which are built into their Causal Bodies. But they also have discord and imperfection, hence bad karma to redeem which the others do not have.

In the 1950’s, Archangel Michael petitioned the Karmic Board to take every individual at the close of this embodiment out of the atmosphere of earth and into the Temples of Light, to be trained and prepared so they need not reembody. That the karma which they leave be placed in a fiery cosmic furnace of the Violet Fire for which students were willing to make the application that this could be done. A partial grant of this Dispensation had already been gotten, which that was given for their relatives, removing them from the necessity to reembody, giving them the freedom to complete their evolution at inner levels.

Archangel Gabriel on June 30, 1954, also asked for this Dispensation and said He was willing to strip every humanly created entity from them so none would be forced to return. He also asked to free Elemental life. Portia, Spokesman for the Karmic Board, asked Lord Michael: “We ask you what provision can you make for these souls: To keep these souls of all types of development in a Temple for any period longer than one hour would be a major test. You shall have to then show us how the other 23 hours of the 24-hour cycle will provide for the wellbeing of these individuals where they may put into action the Law as presented, and learn the mastery of energy and vibration.” Michael: “Serapis and the Brothers of the Fourth Realm have offered with me to provide not only Temples but homes and focuses of a sufficient density to be satisfactory to these types.” The reason the grant for the relatives of certain students was given was because these students were willing and make the application to have transmuted for them the karma on the physical plane which was necessary. The karma in their inner bodies, the mental, emotional and etheric, that they could do at inner levels. For this purpose were built Temples at inner levels for their training to prepare them to make the Ascension from there. Some now embodied who do not attain the Ascension will have opportunity to reembody on earth.

Individuals who have not yet determined to serve the Light and have not cleaned up their lower bodies cannot enter the higher vibratory action, therefore cannot go along with the earth when it moves forth into the next orbit.

So it is obvious they cannot stay in the atmosphere nor in the inner realms of earth because all of that will go together. Hence some provision had to be made for them wherein they can function at a lower vibratory rate. And that is what this place or so-called new planet or star is. A sort of schoolroom where special or particular training will be given them. This differs from a new planet in a solar system being inhabited by new lifestreams. The term orb focus or place may be more appropriate than planet. Since the earth is to move ahead, it is understandable that this place must be outside of the atmosphere and realms of earth.

Although similar to the Temples and abiding places which have been provided at inner levels for those who come under the Dispensations whereby they can make the Ascension from there and do not have to reembody on earth. The Dispensation given for the relatives of certain students, and also the one for those drawn into military service. These are given training at inner levels, learn the Law and then make the Ascension from there. Over the years through the decrees and application by the student body the necessary karma of the physical plane has been handled for them by the Great Ones. On this place or new orb, it can be assumed there will not be certain destructive things and activities which are here now, like warfare, dope (mind altering substances) , alcohol, animal slaughtering, etc. And those wrong vibrations have to be dealt with when one takes on physical form here.

 Door Closes

Unlike new ones coming on a planet, these lifestreams here have already had the experience of physical embodiment and much built into their Causal Bodies. Now it is a matter of changing their consciousness, cleaning up their bodies, and making things right, pay their karmic debts by rendering impersonal service. When mention was made about individuals not being permitted to reembody on earth, the question was asked if they would be annihilated. No. No individual is ever annihilated. Once an individualization has made the decision to be an individual that one remains an individualization forever. All the so-called “lost souls” the churches speak of, have more opportunity too. Each one eventually has to make the Ascension. They say only God is eternal – then how can anyone be in hell for eternity? Each year the Karmic Board selects one out of three applicants for reembodiment during the year, while two are denied. So there are approximately one third of the ten billion souls in embodiment. Some people of course will have opportunity to reembody but for those who may not reembody on earth, then the two who were denied may have a chance. (this must have changed now, in the final push of the hour – as we have ±7.5 in embodiment now, and the time draws nearer and nearer for Earth to move into the place where Uranus is, and then up to where Venus is currently? Ed. 2018) So that would take a few hundred years to get them all into embodiment.

In the 1930’s it was said that the books starting Saint Germain’s work for the New Age put out then would be used for a few hundred years. This process of closing the door for certain lifestreams gives hope of freeing the planet of wayward mankind so it can go forward into the Light. Unless lifestreams go along with the Cosmic Law – that is this Cosmic Push, they will eventually eliminate themselves from the earth.

The earth has to go ahead, it cannot longer stay inert and be sustained. “Laggards refers to those individuals who did not choose to progress along the Path of Life as quickly as the rest of the lifestreams evolving with them. By command of Cosmic Law, these planets were destined to move forward into greater perfection and much more rapid vibratory action and these recalcitrant souls, vibrating at a slower rate, would not be able to embody thereon.

When planets in a solar system come forth one after another, and their evolutions progress to a certain point they move ahead one place in the solar system. For this, all vibratory action is accelerated. Hence, those lifestreams who do not wish to comply, that is accelerate their vibratory action, cannot go along with their planet. So the Christ Selves of those individuals have to descend with them to the next planet in line which is of a slower vibratory action.

The term “laggards” has been loosely used for these individuals. However, the laggards that came to earth evidently were not only from the planet ahead of earth but from other planets and system as well. If the planet earth were dissolved mankind would have no place to embody, and all would have become so-called laggards. It is evident in a race, which ones are behind. So it is with the lifestreams in regard to the capacity to go along with the earth. Cosmic Law is impersonal just as a charge wire acts irrespective of persons. Law does not consider excuses and alibis. One has to measure up and produces the goods. We won’t get by the Law like they promote children in school now-a-days whether they can read, write, etc., or not. All those who do not accelerate their lower bodies enough and go along with earth are lagging –fall behind, hence may not reembody on earth.

If enough Light had not been drawn forth by the students then the earth would have been destined to be dissolved and there would have been no place for mankind to reembody.

So evidently there would have been more laggards than what were brought here to earth. Since so far great cataclysmic action has been averted and many schools set up at inner levels, and the new orb has been provided upon which the lifestreams who cannot go along with the earth can make progress. And we hope eventually attain the Ascension. In the latter 1930’s when some students turned from the Light it was said that the Light would go on, and later on in the New Age when perfection manifested on earth these individuals would be made to see that. A place was provided for them as they pass on, wherein to abide, where they cannot contact or influence anyone on earth. As was said in the early work, the Light would go on regardless of or despite of any human being, and that there was no human being that was indispensable. However, the hope was that great numbers of people would accept and profit by this Ascended Master Instruction and make the Ascension. Since they have chosen not to do so the Cosmic Law is now working it out in another way. Hence closing the door for reembodiment so those individuals cannot further detain earth’s progress.

In Washington’s Vision, when the Goddess of Liberty appeared to Washington in the winter of 1777-78, she showed three scenes of peril to come upon this Republic, of which the third would be the most fearful. The Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and the third into which she said if it occurred, a Light as of a thousand suns would descend. This would have occurred in the 1930’s but because there were enough students that gave the obedience and made enough application through which the Great Ones could dissolve and handle those accumulated dark forces to the point where it has not been necessary as yet to release that Light as of a thousand suns to save this land and country. If that action had taken place great numbers of people would have been thrown out of embodiment.

Since in the early work, some students have been expecting some big event, a cataclysm or some such thing to happen to shock the people awake. Yet what happens after a big damaging earthquake, etc.? The people that survive, when they get over the shock, go right on in the same way they did before. Except a few, who may start to do some thinking.

Even those who get awakened from within, so many of them when they get some inner action, especially when they have some clairvoyance and/or clairaudience, feel they can have their own contact with God and do not want to follow the instruction the Ascended Masters have given. Often they get connected with the lower levels. Some then feel they are going to bring forth the Teaching for the New Age.

Yet the understanding has been that what Saint Germain and the Great Ones gave in the 1930’s and 1950’s, was it. We still have the Teaching Jesus is supposed to have given, not something someone gave that came after Him. The Dispensation of 20 years to give this Teaching to mankind ran out in 1952, but the Masters Morya and Saint Germain were able to secure another 20-year Dispensation. Early in the 1950’s it was said that when this time ran out the time would not be extended further although Sanat Kumara said if necessary He would stay longer. But the Karmic Board ruled that out. However, by the great work done through the students Sanat Kumara was released January 1, 1956, because much necessary inner work had been accomplished. Yet much more needed to be done (still does). If the axis were straightened as some have claimed, then why are there still earthquakes taking place and much destructive and wrong things manifesting on earth? All along a cataclysm has been expected to take place to put an end to all of that.

Under this Dispensation it was permitted to bridge the gap between the human consciousness and the Ascended Masters’ consciousness whereby the students could be made aware of what the master’s Plan was and what was going on at inner levels. Then those individuals by cooperating with the Masters and through the decrees and songs released the energy and action which with the Brotherhood drew the power and blessings that formerly acted only in the etheric realm, thus it was drawn into the physical appearance world. In this way much destruction was averted, much of what has been referred to as the Armageddon.

Hence at the end of the 20-year cycle, if no more time was allotted cataclysmic action was expected. Since that did not take place in or around 1972, it was questioned whether more time had been allowed. If both Atlantis and Lemuria are to arise much earth change will have to take place. But instead of having a cataclysm before now, since so much was accomplished in the 1930’s and 1950’s, evidently the Cosmic Law is working it out in a more gradual and more harmonious way instead of great cataclysmic action. Although the time not having been extended and no drastic change taken place, but instead the door has been closed for reembodiment for those who have not profited by the Ascended Masters’ Instruction. Evidently their bad karma will have to be removed from earth and in this way will be brought about the end of human creation – “the end of the world” that religious leaders have been prophesying about and scaring the people into turning their possessions over to them. Human creation refers to all human ways, all sense gratification, human concepts and desires, deceit, trickery, crime, suffering, all tragedies, experimenting with impurities, etc. if raising a family, (and animals do also, just by instinct) were the way to attain the goal, just about everyone would be ascended.

At the end of each lifetime judgment is made as to what one did with the energy during that time, how and for what that energy was used. As the earth moves into higher frequency, individuals have to accelerate the energies of their lower bodies and be able to fully control it, in order to go along with the planet. If there is a feeling of not wanting to make that effort which is according to their free will, then that automatically puts them with those who may not reembody. In this way they eliminate themselves through free will.



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