Excerpt from “COLOURS”
Mrs. G W Ballard ‘Voice of the I AM” August 1937


In this explanation of colours and their effect upon the life, health, and supply of the individual, we state the Ascended Masters’ Law from the standpoint of energy and vibration. From this there is no escape; and it matters not what the human opinion of any one is, the Great Eternal Law of Energy and Vibration does not change to suit the theories of human intellects, which have but fragmentary information.

The Great Ascended Masters know this Mighty Law of Energy and Vibration in Its Fullness, and They are the only authority concerning its Mighty operation throughout the Universe.

Each colour is a special rate of vibration, which is Its quality. In electrical parlance, each colour is a special frequency, which is the manifestation of a definite form and quality.

It is only in the lower octaves of vibration that discord can register, because when a certain frequency is reached, all becomes Perfection. In other words, when the rate of vibration reaches into the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Life, it becomes so rapid that only Perfection can exist within it.

Each rate has a special effect upon the mental, emotional, and physical bodies of the individual, his pocketbook (money) and world as well. It is the understanding of this which mankind needs to have in order to correct destructive conditions and reach Perfection.

No one on this Earth need ever expect health, prosperity, protection or happiness if that ones insists on wearing black or red clothing (bright red as opposed to pinky ruby red). There are absolutely no Life, health, nor prosperity vibrations in black, for it is the absence of all Life.

When the Ascended Masters make this statement, people often say, “Well what about the darkness of night provided by nature for sleep?” The real truth is, the actual colour vibration of the night hours is not black, it is dark blue, and blue is always an energizing vibration.

The red of this planet has nothing constructive in it for our humanity. All red on this planet is a record of impurity, and when that impurity is removed the colour instantly becomes gold! The colour vibration for all humanity is gold.

Anyone can test this out. When fire is burning, the colour of the flame indicates the amount of impurity in the substance being burned. For instance, when the leaves and debris of nature are thrown into the fire, the flame becomes golden, except when they have become contaminated by impurities imposed upon them by the discord of human beings. The red in all physical fire is the impurity being consumed.

Notice how even the outer world’s use of the colour red is always to indicate destruction. Even in the stoplights and danger signals, the red always means destruction, both physical and moral. It is imperative that humanity understands this in order to stop the use of that rate of vibration, which destroys all that the people are really trying to accomplish.

Students should especially understand this. Whatever colour surrounds them, they are absorbing into their minds, feelings, bodies and worlds.

Everyone absorbs through his eyes the quality of every colour he looks at; and through his eyes, that quality is recorded in his flesh, through the optic nerve which goes directly to the stomach through the sympathetic nervous system. This is very evident when one waves a red flag at a bull, which the toreador does to arouse all the destructive qualities within the animal.

This being true of the coarse animal, how much more is it true of the sensitive human being in his every activity of the day. This is why babies and very young children cry when grown people dressed in black or red try to hold them. The children are infinitely more sensitive than grown people and feel the qualities of colour much more keenly that do their elders.

One of the most disastrous effects of colours is the use of the infrared ray for so-called healing, it sometimes temporarily allays pain; but if those using it could see what is registered within or attaches itself to the emotional body of the individual – which they must handle days or weeks later – they would never use it the second time nor want the second look at the vicious forms it creates. Law is Law, Dear people of Earth, and no one ever escapes this Mighty Law of energy and Vibration.

Certain rates of vibration create a feeling of ease within the individual and others create the opposite. It is very evident therefore, that if one wants Perfection, comfort, healing, happiness, prosperity, and so on, he must definitely determine and control the rates of vibration flowing through his mind, body, and world. The choice of colour by which he surrounds himself is one of the most powerful and simplest ways of doing this, and anyone can prove it for himself.

When it comes to the supply of money, energy, or anything the individual needs in his life activity, it is impossible to attain or retain a sufficient supply of money, food, clothes, energy or any good thing if black and red are used.

There is no prosperity, health, nor peace in black or red. Remember that always! When one shuts off the Light from plant life, it dies. Black shuts off the Light of Life.

Now we come to the rates of vibration which contain the things that make mankind happy and Perfect. These are contained in the colours white, gold, pink, violet, blue and green. Only when these colours are used in their clean, clear, bright shades are they the channels for the release of the Perfection all crave.

Dark, dirty pastel colours and shades are not constructive. One can have pale shades of any colour and still have them constructive; but the dull, muddy, dark colours are all destructive in their effect upon the individual’s life and its activities, especially the emotional body – the feeling world.

The use of destructive colours in the channels of fashion and art, is the hypnotic suggestion of the sinister force to drag down mankind’s resistance, so the people cannot hold to the Ideals, Power, Victory of the Light, which only manifest in clear, bright, clean colours!

The Ascended Masters’ Ideals and Perfection are the only Source of Permanent Happiness, and These are Victory of the Light. Individuals who want the Victory of the Light, health, supply, and happiness, will only wear and surround themselves with the clean, clear, bright colours containing Perfection, and which are the channels that release these Blessings and Gifts.

The colours all mankind needs most today are white, gold, pink, violet, blue, and green.
VIOLET: Purifies, strengthens, illumines, spiritualizes, raises and gives very great Freedom.
GOLD: soothes, illumines, harmonizes and raises all into the ‘All-knowing Mind of God’. It soothes irritated nerve conditions.

GREEN & GOLD together act like a magnet to draw supply to the outer activity of the individual, and to bring Harmony and sustained supply for those who will use them.

PINK: the activity of Divine Compassion and Divine Love, which extends Mercy and Forgiveness to all It contacts. It releases a tremendous Healing Power because of Its soothing, forgiving feeling and the ease of Divine Love.

WHITE: is always the most powerful Purity of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and contains all the other colours and their qualities. It purifies, illumines, perfects, raises, heals, and protects, because within the PURE WHITE LIGHT is the Fullness of all Good things; and It is the Primal Substance from which all form has come into being.

BLUE is the Energy, Strength, and Power; but unless it is qualified with the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness of Divine Love and directed by Their Wisdom, it is simply electronic force, which is Power. Power that is not qualified by Divine Love and directed by Wisdom will energise anything it contacts.

The colours all mankind need most today are open doors through which constructive qualities come into your mind, body, feelings and world. The Law of Energy and Vibration is Eternal, Absolute and Unconditional. You are the one who must choose, operate It, and then live in the results of you choice.

Good, clean, clear bright colours are the Rivers of Blessings from the Realms of Light – the source of all Perfection. The Ascended Masters are the Fullness of the Perfection all crave. Their octave of Light is Home for all who seek the Constructive Way of Life.

Obey the Great law of the “Mighty I AM Presence” as They have given it; and through that Obedience become the Fullness of all Perfection as They have done. Once again, know the Victory of Light and the Fullness of your Freedom through that Light.


(“Voice of the I AM” December 1939)


My Dear People, there are some who say, “Why this does not apply to me. I do not need the Violet Consuming Flame, I am not afraid of red and black.” You might not be afraid of a tiger that would tear you to pieces either!

What do you think, Children of the Light, has torn mankind asunder during these hundreds of thousands of centuries? Of course, the beginning is their own discord; but when they do come into certain amount of discord, it will force them into every other vibratory action corresponding with it.

Black represents death – red, intense anger, and when you are discordant, you will want to be in the radiation of those things. The poor unfortunate people in the social world think they can go on using those things and not reap the results. What a pity! My Dear Ones, when We who are All-Powerful, Perfect Beings look up the social world, the arrogant pride which is there, We think, oh, when will they awaken?

I am not speaking of all of them, but there are some whose arrogance is so great! They would not condescend to come to one of these Meetings because some of their social set might see them. I come a Wholly Magnificent, Pure Being, who has throughout the centuries been the Governor of the Life Streams of mankind! Yet when I am so admitted,

I come to give you Assistance. The Great Goddess of Purity has come from within the Great Silence to render Her Purifying Service for mankind; and puny human beings in their false pride and arrogance say: “Oh, I could not afford to give attention to supposed Ascended Beings or even the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’ I Am not sure about that.” What childish foolishness! One day, Life says to them, “Now you have reached the end of your span. What are you going to do? You have lost your opportunities!”


I AM Presence


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