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Information on Ascended Masters and Their Retreats

(some of this information may be out of date, but most is correct)

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An excerpt from Peter Mt Shasta’s book:  “Lady Master Pearl’



To the best of our knowledge, which we have received  through Dictations from The Bridge to Freedom Dispensation, this chart is the most accurate to date.  However, as we know, all life, including those in the Heavenly Hierarchy are evolving and ever moving upward to greater and greater Mastery.  So this may actually not be completely up do date as it pertains to the Hierarchy at the current time.  But, as we are reminded often by the Ascended Masters, we are ALL ONE in that Realm – so as we call to One we call to All.





Excerpt from ‘THE MAGIC PRESENCE’ By Godfre Ray King –

page 160 Saint Germain explains:

“In the first place, there are those called Masters, some of whom have attained a very high degree of Wisdom, and maintained Life in the physical body for nearly two centuries, yet have not raised the body – as Jesus did. There are also many who call themselves masters, who have not the faintest concept of what a Real Master is.

“Of one thing you can be absolutely and eternally certain that no one, who is a Real Master, will ever say so, and that an Ascended Master never accepts payment of any kind for the Help He gives; because the First Qualification of True Mastership is to do all, as His (or Her) Glad Free Gift of His Service of Love to the world.


“The Ascended Master is absolutely Infallible at all times, because He has passed out of the octave of vibratory action in which mistakes can occur, for he has become wholly Divine, By the raising of His Body, all atomic structure has been changed into the Electronic. He see with Limitless Vision, and knows all because He uses – only – the All-Knowing Mind of God.

“Those Masters, who have attained even a very great decree of wisdom, but have not yet raised the atomic body, can an sometimes colour what they give out by their own personal concept; for no one becomes infallible, until he functions in his Electronic Body, or the Body of Pure Light where no contamination or personal concept can exist.”

Book to download on the Ascended Masters and Their Retreats.
Please be advised that there are continual movements in the Hierarchy, and some have not been recorded here.  But as the Beloved Great Ascended Hosts tell us, They are ALL ONE in that Realm, as Their motivation is completely Pure and, what One desires, They ALL desire – call to One and you call to All!


Excerpt from ‘Law of Life’ Book 1

ADK Luk – page 120

An Ascended Master is the Full Expression of Life. Every planet has a group of Ascended Masters governing it. Cosmic beings in Their Activity cover a greater scope than the Ascended Masters do. Cosmic Beings are Those Who govern Cosmic (forces) Powers.

The Ascended Masters who have of their own freewill and volition, agreed to stay in the Earth’s atmosphere, are Those giving most of Their time to the Earth. Ascended Masters are Those Who have made the Ascension from our humanity (or that of some planet) and turn and help individuals or groups of individuals to make the Ascension also. Cosmic Beings work with the whole of humanity of a planet.

The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings are Beings of complete Mastery and Control of every electron in Their Beings and worlds. The Ascended Masters are a more advanced activity of life. Ascended Masters are just like an extension of yourself. In calling to Ascended Masters your are only calling to an advanced part of yourself – (life). Try to comprehend the services that are being rendered that could not be done except by the assistance of the Ascended Masters.

One Master said: “We don’t care to frighten mankind but We are going into Action!”

The Ascended Masters’ Consciousness is the Cosmic Law. Their Consciousness is self–Luminous, Intelligent Substance. Ascended Master Consciousness is a State of Consciousness which knows only Achievement and the means of attaining it.

At this Cosmic Cycle very great assistance is given to one stepping upon the “Path”. The Law is permitting the Masters to give of Their Consciousness and Substance, which is already qualified with a definite quality. Formerly these qualities had to be drawn forth from the Individualized Presence of God, “I AM”, through one’s own efforts.

That was the training given in the Retreats. For instance the student had to make enough application to his Presence to release the Action of the Transmuting Violet Flame and transmute his own karma. While now right here in the outer world and daily living we have the privilege of calling to the Presence “I AM” and then to the Ascended Master or Masters Whose special Quality and Activity of the Sacred fire it is that we require or wish to draw forth.

For instance we can call to the Master Saint Germain for His Action of the Transmuting Violet Flame – His momentum and Power of It, which He has gained through the centuries. He will charge it into the student’s being and world, in, through and around his four lower bodies. This is now freely given for the benefit and attainment of the student or chela, which is a tremendous assistance to anyone who will call It forth.


The same is true with other Masters and Their specific qualities and activities. Therefore it is advantageous to know the various Masters’ special Qualities, Activities and Services to mankind at this time, as well as how to make the calls.

Certain Ascended Masters offered Their Ascended Master Consciousness to the students; that is an action never done before in the outer world. That means at the students’ calls the Masters project some of Their Ascended Master consciousness into he students’ being and world. This is done through the Radiance or Golden Light around the stream of Light (Silver Cord) from the Presence. There is formed an activity similar to a funnel from the Master to the student around this Ray of Light.

The Ascended Master’s Consciousness is His Fully Gathered Momentum of Attainment and Accomplishment, which may have taken Him centuries of time to attain! According to the acceptance will the students have the fullness of It. The Substance the Ascended Masters are supplying you with is a Permanent Action! Do you know what that means to you? Mankind long for assistance from each other; the Ascended Masters offer Their assistance.

They give assistance to mankind through Radiation. What the Ascended Master’s give – Their Consciousness, Love or any Quality, They never take back! It remains always yours. If, however, one is unable to hold sufficient harmony and abide in a state of consciousness so that he can utilize it now, it goes into his Causal Body.

The Masters in Radiation bring that rate of vibration form the Great Silence – that Substance They have qualified to never vibrate at a lower rate. It is charged with Their Ascended Master Consciousness. Your emotional body absorbs that. What an Ascended Master charges into your world is His Life; not a universal Life. It is His Power, His Life Qualified with some particular Quality.


You cannot requalify the energy released to you by the Ascended Masters, but only that which you call forth from your “I AM” Presence. The Ascended Masters have offered Their Consciousness. So when you feel not quite able to release what is required or to cope with a situation, call for Their Ascended Master Consciousness!

When you call to the “I AM” Presence any one of the Ascended Masters becomes the authority in your world. To an Ascended Master your Life is the Authority. Be natural! Strip the feelings inside of you that something else outside of you, has the authority of you! Your Presence “I AM” is the Authority of you and your world! Ascended Masters are the authority of groups; Cosmic Beings are the Authority of the mass accumulation throughout the centuries.


THE GREAT NEED OF TODAY IS TO FEEL THE REALITY OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS! Dismiss from the feeling world any consciousness that the Ascended Masters are not REAL! Ask your Presence to clear away everything (thought and feeling) that stands between you and the Ascended Masters. The only difference between Ascended Ones and us is thought and feeling!

By giving daily recognition and Love to the different Ascended Ones you gain a momentum by which you can have a response from Them instantly! Also learn to determine each Master by His distinct Radiation.
Watch the feelings of the atomic structure (lower bodies) as you give attention to the different Masters. For instance: the Cosmic Being Victory, Harmony, and so forth represent those Qualities to the Earth – the people of Earth. They are the Governing Power of that Quality for this Earth. An Ascended Master can be present – be tangible yet unseen; but that does not make Him any less real.

Ascended Masters are Beings Who have lived in embodiments in the physical world or on some other planet and Ascended as Jesus did. They abide in the Realms of Light as He does now. They can and do sometimes partake of food in association with Their students on Earth, but just to give the feeling of equality to the student and not because of need or desire for food. When They take food it is instantly transmuted into Light as it touches Their throats, otherwise it would fall to the floor.

They have no digestive organs, but do have a Heart and blood stream which is Light, Golden in colour. The Heart, that focal point, is in the center of the body and not to the left side as in human beings. That Light (Ray), from the Presence has taken the place of the blood stream in the Ascended Beings’ bodies. When one becomes an Ascended Being, He has become the Power of the “I AM” Presence in Action.

Above all Ascended Masters stands the Individualized Focus of God. Above that stands the God-Flame. When the Ascended Masters work on Earth or in its atmosphere They are in what we term in an unascended being, the Christ Self (Higher Mental Body), which contains the purified physical body. When They are busy at Cosmic levels, They can project or build up a body – Their Luminous Presence.

They are not limited in this but can have as many as are required, in various places at one time. Usually when They appear to someone of mankind it is in this type of body. It is different from Their tangible Ascended Master Body, which is of a higher rate of vibration and requires a step up in vibratory action of a person’s physical body to withstand it. Whereas the vibratory action of the Luminous Presence, an ordinary physical body can withstand.

The Ascended Masters do not know everything – that is retain everything in Their consciousness; but They can instantly turn in and obtain whatever information is required. Their power of qualification is always in Divine Order. In the Ascended State, the beings do not hold in Their Consciousness Cosmic Intelligence, but can call it forth instantly.

Unascended Masters can do so also. On the inner, attitudes and responses are quite different from the outer world and mankind’s association with each other. In Inner Realms when an Ascended Being has an idea or plan, it is put into action. If it requires some other Being’s cooperation or assistance it is offered, to Him without even having to ask. There are air currents, and in the ethers there are tunnels through the atmosphere, through which the Ascended Masters work; They pass through and use these in Their activities.

An Ascended Master can pass through a wall or solid object very readily because His/Her body is composed of pure electrons and is vibrating at a much higher rate than physical substance. Physical substance is composed of a nucleus around which vibrate or rotate particles of a much denser nature; they are arranged similar to the planets around the Sun, in relation to size, leaving great space between, through which the Ascended Master’s Body passes unobstructed.


The Masters are not nearly as far away as mankind think. Jesus has appeared thousands of times to individuals since His physical departure on the Hill of Bethany into the Ascension. What enabled Moses to lead the people through the sea? He had contact with an Ascended being Who released Power which controlled the sea; pushing back the waters so the people could pass through.

On the opening day of the World Exposition in New York on April 30th 1939, the Ascended Master Saint Germain stood on the Exposition grounds in His (visible) tangible form with His Mantle wrapped about Him; and thousands of people felt that Radiance which was there.


Page 105

Beloved Children on the Path:

When a Perfected Being focuses His attention on an unascended member of the race there flows from the consciousness of the Master a steady stream of pure electronic which is filled with the feeling, the thought and the very being of the Master directing the Light Ray of His attention. If you could, with the inner eye, watch the process when the Master chooses to pour His consciousness into the aspirant, you would see passing from the Master waves of light and color which flow into the four lower bodies of the individual, enlarging each one of those bodies, and also changing the color and tone of the energy released by the chela. During this process, much of the psychic and astral is washed out of the lower bodies of the student and new hope fills his inner bodies.

If it were not for such a spiritual connection between Master and chela, the weight of the individual’ s accumulation of psychic would soon draw him back into the mass mind because the heavy pressure of human creation around the Earth plane at present is more than the strength of any unascended being can pierce through unaided.

It is this Spiritual transfusion (so to speak) of the Master that gives the added impetus of courage, inspiration, strength and Love of the Light to the imprisoned soul which enables that soul to hold the Pathway open before him.

That is why Our desire is so great for people to place their attention, undivided, upon the Ascended Masters’ Octave, the Omnipresent Holy Spirit of God, the Angelic Host or any member of the Spiritual Brotherhood as often as possible because it forms the link or bridge over which may be carried the Spiritual Food which sustains the interest of the soul and makes that soul a radiating center of inspiration to others. Without such a link, dear ones, the soul-sleep of the centuries would again engulf the people of Earth.

The particular service of the Ascended Master is to intensify the light in the heart of the seeker that its more powerful and expanded voltage might throw a greater radiance upon his path. The amount of Light within the chela will determine his capacity to perceive and cognize Truth and the constant increase of the Light through the consciously projected Rays of the Ascended Master represents the way and means by which the seeker’ s light may have sufficient intensity to enable him to find the object of his search, which is the realization of his own oneness with the Eternal Father of All.

As the traveler can proceed with greater ease when the light of the noonday sun illumines his pathway than during the night hours when every crevasse and stone is shadowed over, so can the wayfarer upon the Spiritual Path accomplish his journey with greater ease and safety when the combined focused and sustained Rays of the Ascended Host make for him a Spiritual Light on his path which shows up the hurdles, the obstacles, and the straight way.

The individual who seeks to proceed without the assistance of the Masters may do so, but then it is only his own soul-light that can guide him which may be likened to one traveling through a forest in the dark with only the flickering, uncertain light of a penny candle, whereas one may proceed in safely with the light of the noonday sun.

ALL unascended beings must come to the place upon life’ s pathway where they become the master control of the energy of their lifestreams, sending it forth into the universe in a harmonious manner. This is the reason for which every man look incarnation and there will be no happiness, no contentment, no bliss until each lifestream becomes the controlling power of the energy which is his life essence.

By calling to the Ascended Masters, to the Angelic Host and the Powers of Light, They will anchor Their energy into your inner bodies, and They will help you be radiating through you Their feelings which will gradually transform and transmute the momentums of energy that you have gathered and qualified imperfectly.

There are very few unascended beings, at this time, in the Western Hemisphere who have mastered the energy of their lifestreams. Most people are endeavoring, according to their particular capabilities, to come to a point of harmonious expression. In the course of one’ s experience, a person contacts not only his own discordant energy, but also that of the lifestreams around him. However, there is no point in becoming discouraged by the presence of inharmony when all conscious students know that it is their duty and responsibility, each one, to try to harmonize as much as possible the thoughts and feelings of his or her own lifestream and to give whatever they can of silent radiation to those in their vicinity.

The Ascended Masters and Perfected Beings are willing to ensoul and canopy any lifestream who sincerely desires harmonious expression. They will clothe them in the fullness of Their Love and Light which will disconnect such an one from any unpleasant vibrations that may be directed toward them and will also melt away the cores of inharmony that are liable to manifest as unhappiness and distress.

There is one established law for unascended beings, and all must remain on the path of experience, struggling with the results of cause and effect, until such time as the keynote of balance, love, light, harmony, tolerance and understanding flow through the radiation of the energy which each one has drawn directly from God the Father, and for which each must render a personal and separate accounting.






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