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THE CHART is a sincere and graphic attempt to bring to and hold before the attention of all who look upon It, a representation of THE TRUTH – the inseparable relationship between one’s own Individualized “God-Presence” (the I AM of each lifestream) and the outer self or personality. It is a Divine reminder of the Glory, Beauty and Perfection which we all once knew and had with the Father “before the world was,” – that Beloved Source of each one’s being and the ultimate goal of all physical embodiment – that for which all experiences of the outer self are endured – the Victory of the Ascension in the Light – back into the Heart and World of that “Presence” – our True Reality. The Law of the Universe is a Circle and not even a single electron escapes the Divine Fiat that all shall one day return to its Source, to abide there Eternally in Divine Perfection.


Please remember, Gentle Reader, that it is all but impossible to perfectly present a FOURTH DIMENSIONAL BEING AND ACTIVITY on a TWO DIMENSIONAL sheet of paper! All the activities of the Light pictured upon THE CHART, whether represented by Light Ray or Flame – (particularly that concerned with the Upper Figure – the God “I AM Presence”) is absolutely pure, dazzling, Electronic Light IN CONSTANT MOTION and are not the flat rings of color and Light Rays which we are compelled to portray here, because of physical limitation. To get a closer resemblance of the Reality of the Beauty and Perfection which the Upper Figure, in particular, really is, some of us have found it very effective to imagine THE CHART to be something like a stained-glass window which opens into the Realms of Light. Instead of the outlines being filled in with just colored glass, allow ACTUAL LIVING, BREATHING LIGHT ESSENCE to come through the forms outlined from the Realms of Perfection where the FULLNESS of the “I AM” CONSCIOUSNESS abides.

Try this and LET it give you a much more interesting concept. You are a real and living part of that ʻPresence” for you are using “Its Life” every second of every day. WITHOUT THAT “PRESENCE” you have no being at all, either in this world or in any other!

Then, too, we feel that THE CHART pictures but a cross-section of a complete sphere, with the Light Rays not only going out in the various directions of the compass, but extends toward you – into your actual atmosphere and aura. Try to FEEL this and the more you can FEEL this – you will receive greater assistance in actual, practical manifestation.

Remember, too, please, that this eye-picture represents the BASIC CHART of Its kind. The Beloved Maha Chohan tells us that there are SEVEN similar CHARTS in His Retreat at Ceylon, each one picturing the Purifying of each of the four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) and their gradual blending with the three upper bodies (Holy Christ Self, Causal Body and the Beloved “I AM Presence”) – a focus of the “I AM Presence” being anchored in every beating heart through the Beloved Holy Christ Self. The Seventh Chart shows just One Figure – THE WHOLLY ASCENDED ONE – showing that all the substance and energy of that lifestream has been completely and Eternally Purified and drawn up into the “I AM Presence” – in the Victory of the Ascension. All “Ascension” is Purification and Raising of Consciousness; form is merely condensed Light Substance, held in a particular rate of vibration by conscious command and design.


(UPPER FIGURE): The Upper Figure in The Chart represents the “Individualized Divine Self” of every (so-called “human”) lifestream, which “human” self receives its Life (consciousness), Light (intelligence) and actual Being, from that “Divine Presence” by means of a stream of pure white Electronic Light which flows from the Heart of the “Presence” down into and through the head of the physical form, anchoring within the beating heart of that form. This stream of Light and Life is called “The Silver Cord” (referred to in the Old Testament Eccles. 12:6). This “Silver Cord” enters the physical body through the top of the head (at the place known as the “soft spot” on the infantʼs head). Anyone can prove that at any time

by placing his hand on the top of his head and holding it there for a moment. In the center of the top of the head, he will find a place warmer than the rest of his skull. That is where the FIRE OF LIFE enters the physical body. It proceeds into the pineal gland in the center of the brain and there “forks” into two parts: one going down over the back of the brain into the Medulla Oblongata at the base of

the brain, from whence the Life (Light) Essence flows to all parts of the body through the spinal cord and nervous system. The other “fork” proceeds down through the back of the throat, energizing the power center of the body and here is where the tongue is attached. You see, originally, man was supposed to sustain himself by the spoken word – by his Divine Commands of Love which would cause all substance and energy to obey him instantly. You will remember that it was only because of his disobedience to the Laws of Purity and Harmony that he was eventually compelled “to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow.” This Stream of Life (Electronic Light) then proceeds to enter the heart and anchors there, giving that heart the rhythm and energy of beating. It anchors within a tiny focus of the Three-Fold Flame (perfect balance of the Divine Qualities of God’s Nature – Love, Wisdom and Power). This tiny Flame holds within Itself a miniature likeness of the Perfection of that one’s own Individualized “I AM Presence,” which likeness is the Divine Pattern for that lifestream. This Perfection the outer self must one day become. Even as the form of the perfect oak tree-to-be is held within the heart of the acorn, so is this Divine Pattern of Perfection held within the heart of every man, woman and child who has taken embodiment; sustained for the day when he or she deliberately chooses to return again to The Father’s House. Beloved Jesus referred to this in His parable of “The Prodigal Son.”

In THE CHART, the Upper Figure is represented as being considerably larger than the lower figure for several reasons:

1: To mankind at large, POWER is suggested by SIZE. Of course, this is not always true but, since the “Presence” is THE ALL-POWERFUL ONE, (as well as THE ALL-KNOWING and ALL-PERVADING ONE), the “I AM Presence” is pictured larger than the physical form.

2: The Creator is ALWAYS greater than His creation, for the Consciousness and Intelligence which has created one form, can create many more (alike or different) if It so chooses. Now, the “I AM Presence” has projected forth from Its Consciousness the Holy Christ Self (which Beloved Jesus spoke of as “The Mediator between God and man), which operates between the “Presence” and the outer form or personality. Concerning the individuals own lifestream, these three represent THE FATHER (“I AM”), SON (Holy Christ Self) and HOLY SPIRIT (which is the PERFECT GOD IN-ACTION abiding within the Three-Fold Flame in the physical heart). When this God-Likeness within the Three-Fold Flame has been allowed to expand Itself and take full dominion of the outer self, the individual is then Transfigured in Light and becomes the LIVING CHRIST as Beloved Jesus did.

We have been told in the Bible that: “(The) I AM (is) of too pure eyes to behold iniquity” (Old Testament Habakkuk), so the Holy Christ Self has been provided by the “Presence” as the Guardian Angel for each lifestream. This Holy Christ Self is the One spoken of in The Psalms: “He that keepeth Israel (that which IS REAL about

you) shall neither slumber nor sleep.” The Holy Christ Self (in the FULLNESS OF ITS CONSCIOUSNESS) operating between the outer self and the “Presence,” can look both ways – seeing the Perfection of the “Presence,” as well as the Perfections and needs of the outer self. When the outer self calls to that “I AM Presence” for assistance of any kind, the Holy Christ Self reaches into the Causal Body (the store-house of all the good which the lifestream has gathered through the ages by the constructive use of Life). It directs the Perfection which is needed to answer the call into the use of the personality, answering its present need. It often uses persons, places, conditions and things in the physical world to bring these “answers” into the use of the outer self. This is done when the individual CONSCIOUSLY CALLS to his own “I AM Presence,” BELIEVING It is there and that It will help him. However, in the case of those who do NOT KNOW of their personal “God Presence,” there are Great Beings in the Realms of Light Who volunteer to take up the prayer force of such individuals and assist the Holy Christ Self to answer their calls.

3: In many instances, the “I AM Presence” and Holy Christ Self of the lifestream are, in reality, much larger in stature than Their outer form. This is particularly true in the case of some of the “Guardian Spirits” Who come to assist the people of this Earth from other Stars and Suns in our Galaxy. For instance, the people of Uranus are very

tall; some of them are ten feet in height. However, in mercy to the lifestreams who have embodied here from other Stars, the Holy Christ Self allows the human form which the Spirit inhabits for Its embodiments here, to more nearly resemble those among whom It must live so as not to make It conspicuous by the difference in size.

Life is always so balanced and so merciful to all its creations.

THE CAUSAL BODY is made up of various circular bands of color around the “I AM Presence” and, once again, may We remind you that this is a two-dimensional representation of a FOURTH DIMENSIONAL subject and activity. Of course, in the Higher Realms, these colors gradually and beautifully blend with each other and are not just “cut off” as the other color appears. However, to represent this gradual blending on paper would be quite difficult and tend to make a sort of “muddiness.” We feel sure you understand.

May we also call to your attention a certain “mechanical liability” with regard to obtaining absolutely “true” colors on THE CHART – especially in the representation of the CAUSAL BODY? You see, when anything like this “picture” comes from an inked press, there is always the possibility that The Charts which go through the press

FIRST after a fresh inking may be a bit darker or heavier in color than those which go through later. On some of The Charts, we notice that the band of green in the Causal Body is a little dark – it should be a living, vibrant Chinese green.

The seven bands of color composing the Causal Body represent the accumulations of substance of the individual’s lifestream, charged with the God-Qualities which those colors represent and correspond to the Qualities and Activities of the Seven Spheres of Activity around our physical Sun. Now, the CAUSAL BODY would not be absolutely alike in any two individuals, because It represents all the accumulated Good of each lifestream and Its bands would be larger or smaller according to the amount of energy that particular lifestream had devoted to any one or more of the Qualities or Services represented there.

FIRST RAY (closest to the “Presence”): Pure, dazzling White Light, with a sapphire-blue radiance and activity. This Ray represents the WILL OF GOD and the POWER by which to manifest that WILL anywhere in the Universe. Statesmen, civic leaders and people with great drives of constructive energy and ideals (using such energy and ideals to bless mankind) would have a large band of this color.

SECOND RAY: Yellow – The Ray of WISDOM, PERCEPTION and ILLUMINATION. Those who have spent many embodiments with specific interests and service along lines of education would have a wide band of this color.

THIRD RAY: Pink – Representing Divine Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding and Balanced Activity. Great philanthropists who devote their lives and substance to the betterment of mankind would have a large band of this color.

FOURTH RAY: Crystal Ray of absolute PURITY and CONSECRATION TO SERVICE. Here the activities of the FOURTH and FIFTH RAYS somewhat overlap – truly inspired artists, sculptors, architects, etc. – especially those who had spent many

embodiments in pursuit of these activities, would have a large band of this color.

FIFTH RAY: Green – Activities in fields of science, medicine, invention – also, the Ray of CONCENTRATION and TRUTH. Those whose service through many embodiments has been along the lines of physical healing, science and invention would have a large band of this color.

SIXTH RAY: Ruby and Gold – This is the Ray of MINISTRATION and PEACE – the giving of release and relief to mankind through the Radiation of COMFORT and DIVINE PEACE. Ministers, Priests. social workers, etc. have a large band of this

color in their Causal Bodies. IMPORTANT! This “RUBY” is not to be confused with “red” as it is known in the world today. The true RUBY has some BLUE in it, something like the color of American beauty roses. The “red” as used in the outer world today is MOST destructive in its vibratory action – that which We call “bull red” or “fire-engine red.” Up until 80,000 years ago, there were no such colors as red or black known upon this Planet. It was only after the cataclysm of 80,000 years ago that the black magicians (individuals who had attained a high development Spiritually, but who refused to maintain a standard of purity of living and turned their powers and faculties to the service of the dark forces) introduced those colors to the mankind of Earth.

SEVENTH RAY: Purple – (the Violet Transmuting Flame of MERCY and FORGIVENESS). Representing the Quality of GOD-FREEDOM; also representing RHYTHM of INVOCATION and Divine Ritual in ORDERED SERVICE. This is the Ray presently in action – in, through and around the Earth and Its evolutions. Its MERCY and FORGIVENESS are now available to all by the use of the Violet Fire and this is making possible mankind’s release from the manifold distresses which he has drawn about himself all through the ages in the forgetfulness of his Source and his reason for being. Lifestreams who are well versed in diplomacy, who love to serve in

those “circles” and fearless, fiery patriots, who are determined to have freedom for themselves and their fellowman, would have a large band of this color. The Great Rays of Light proceeding from the Beloved “I AM” Presence” (Upper Figure) in all directions are Its ways and means of answering the calls of Its unascended personality – when that outer self calls for help for itself or other persons, places, conditions and things. Just the large Rays are portrayed in The Chart but smaller Rays do go forth to fulfill smaller requirements for, in the Realms of Light, there is a great Divine Economy which allows for the fullness of every good thing for constructive use, but not one electron is to be wasted or placed where it will not fulfill the Divine Plan.

The Great, Protecting, EVERLASTING ARMS of the “Presence” are always surrounding the outer self and will always be “active” there for him IF HE WILL ACCEPT THEIR PRESENCE and POWER! However, the “Presence” and the Masters will NEVER intrude upon the individual’s Free Will which every lifestream has been endowed with. “According to your FAITH be it unto you,” and if you do not BELIEVE that God’s Protection is about you and available to you, then, in all probability, what you believe you will draw unto yourself – thereby, experiencing such unnecessary distress.

The “I AM Presence” has admonished through the ages: “Look unto Me!” “Come unto Me and I will give you rest!” “Prove Me now herewith!” ALWAYS THE FIRST MOVE must come from the individual needing help because, once in the long ago, that individual deliberately turned away from the Perfection of that “Presence” in pursuit of the satisfaction of his own personal way of life. Now, when he is tired of the husks of his own creation, HE MUST “ARISE AND GO UNTO THE FATHER” of his own choice. Now, Gentle Reader, PLEASE do not allow to register in your outer consciousness that your Blessed, Beloved “I AM Presence” is just a stiff, inanimate, “cardboard” Figure, either on THE CHART or in, through, above and around you! Remember, The Chart is only a picture – a representation of your own Individualized GOD-INACTION, living in Great Beauty and Perfection in Its Own Octave – the Ascended Master Realm, fulfilling Its Own Divine Plan in such glory as no unascended consciousness can possibly cognize. THINK WITH US A MOMENT!

A dear friend has given you a photograph of themselves which you lovingly look at – “When you are in touch with the FORM of a thing, you are in touch with the CONSCIOUSNESS of that thing.” So you connect in consciousness with your friend when you look at their picture, receiving into your world their loving blessing to you and through thought and feeling transference, you send yours back into their world. So it is with The Chart of the “I AM Presence. When you consciously call to that “Presence,” It stops what It is doing long enough to instantly flash to you a Light Ray from Its Heart, Head or Hand, qualified with that which your Holy Christ Self knows you need to fulfill your requirement of the moment. Your return blessing comes back to you upon the very Beam of Light which goes forth from you in your call. Do you not see then how imperative it is for you to make the FIRST MOVE toward that “Presence?” Your call makes the Pathway of Light over which the answer comes from your own “God-Presence” – your own “I AM.

(LOWER FIGURE): The lower figure represents the outer self (personality) which on THE CHART is completely surrounded by the Merciful, Forgiving, Freeing Violet Transmuting Flame in which all of us who really WANT FREEDOM should actually live, move and have our being. Beloved Saint Germain says we should be as conscious of that Flame-in-Action constantly around us as we are of our hands and feet. You see, all the life energy which has ever been used constructively by the lifestream (being of high vibratory action because of its God-Likeness) is immediately stored in the Band of God-Qualities in the CAUSAL BODY to which it corresponds in vibration – for “like attracts like.”

However, if that qualification of life be discordant (charged with vibrations of anger, fear, jealousy, irritation, suspicion, violent action or destructive conversation, the vibrations of such vibrations are low, and therefore, dark and unpleasant in color (hate is black; selfishness is brown; anger is “bull red;” jealousy is chartreuse, etc.). These remain around the physical form, (although invisible to the average physical sight). For this reason The Chart shows the lower figure completely surrounded by the Violet Transmuting Flame which is the Activity of Purification and Freedom provided by the

Mercy of the Great Cosmic Law for mankind’s release from all manner of “human” distress. It cannot be removed or transmuted in any other way than by the dynamic use of this Violet Fire. Because of the destructive vibrations of the dark muddy colors we, in the Ascended Master Activity, endeavor to avoid wearing or surrounding ourselves with those muddy colors, preferring rather the bright, clean colors represented in the CAUSAL BODY on THE CHART. Particularly in the case of hats or head coverings of any kind, it is not wise to wear destructive shades of color since they qualify the “Silver Cord” as It enters the body with those vibrations.

Eventually the outer consciousness will have to handle the effects of those vibrations in illness or some unhappy experience. Good clean, clear colors GIVE ENERGY to the body. Even navy blue and midnight blue do not have the destructive vibrations of black, which color should never be worn by any sincere seeker of the Light. If you feel you have to wear black garments until you can replace them, keep charging the Violet Transmuting Flame through them as much as possible.

To use the Violet Flame see It dynamically blazing up from the heart of the Earth in, through and around your physical form for at least 9 feet in every direction. Feel your four lower bodies to be wholly porous and the Flame actually penetrating every cell, dissolving and transmuting into Light all shadows, density and disease and all that “God” never created or meant to be. These distressing appearances, therefore, are the result of our own wrong use of life through destructive thought, feeling, spoken word and deed. This has come about because of our forgetfulness of our Source and the Divine Plan (reason for being) we were to fulfill.

THE TUBE OF LIGHT PROTECTION should be visualized as dazzling, blazing White Light coming down around the body at least three feet thick – STARTING out at the ends of the finger tips as the arms are raised to shoulder height on either side of the body – extending three feet beyond that. The TUBE OF LIGHT should be called forth several times a day and be kept filled with the Violet Transmuting Flame at all times. This TUBE OF LIGHT deflects and keeps out of one’s aura and world, the “tramp” thoughts and feelings, spoken words and deeds of destruction from other individuals and their destructive forms which are floating constantly in the atmosphere of Earth, as well as the auras of the individuals in the mass consciousness. When the individual remains absolutely “harmonious” within this TUBE OF LIGHT – It is an Invincible Protection. (like a diver’s suit protects against water). However, if

one becomes inharmonious within that TUBE OF LIGHT then, Its protecting substance is temporarily lost to the individual, until that TUBE OF LIGHT is called for again by the individual and rebuilt in Perfection by their “Presence.” When the rhythmic, daily calls are made – these Flames and Activities of Light are intensified until a mighty momentum is built which is absolutely indispensable to the one who wishes to give public service of any kind – especially that of teaching Divine Law and Truth.

The “Silver Cord” extends from the Heart of the “Presence” into the physical beating heart, the likeness of the Holy Christ Self – the Focus of the Perfection of the “I AM Presence” – is anchored within the Three Fold Flame in the heart. In the spiritually undeveloped this Three Fold Flame is less than one-sixteenth of an inch high, but It is

larger in a sincere chela who has applied the Purifying Action of the Sacred Fire for some time.

By contemplation of this “Silver Cord,” one can easily see what Beloved Jesus meant when He said: “I AM” in The Father and THE FATHER is in Me, for THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE!” How could it be otherwise, when we are using the Life of that Blessed “Presence” every moment of our existence, in or out of the physical form? God’s richest blessings upon you, Gentle Friends of Light, for being interested enough to want to know THE TRUTH about yourself and your fellowman and be willing to apply that TRUTH to your own world, as well as making calls for the Freedom of mankind, until you have become Free yourself in Light’s service. STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! The CHART and Its symbolism, until you have BECOME Its “Presence;” for only when you have really BECOME a thing, do you completely understand it!


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